domenica 13 febbraio 2011

Hy thanks to the friends that wrote on my blog i've no experiece but slowly i hope to learn more on blog and run.
I'm writing for the second time cause I was very busy, with my family.
Before all I beg your pardon for my english, i studied it at school many years ago...too much years ago.
So today in cvecchia the weather was good and i go running whith some girlfriend and after i fell very well, we runs for 1.30 hour not fast cause we talk while we run...i met giorgio during the road ....
now i go but i hope to return here tomorrow.
bye bye

3 commenti:

  1. Seems you had a good long run this morning!
    Why did you talk while you were running? If you talk during a run you'll lose energy, Paola :)

    This morning, before we met on the running path we had run 1 hour and 23 minutes up hill. We went to through the hills behind the town (Poggio Paradiso and Ripetitori). Beautiful landscape!

    Have a beautiful Valentine's day!

  2. Ah women, chatting while running!!! However we make the same but I think that the topics are different.
    Have you planned any race? I have sent to Giorgio the list of the events around here. He could forward it to you.
    Ma me spiegate perchè avemo da parlà ne sta strana lingua?

  3. Maybe I'll learn a little Italian hanging out on your blog. Everything is in Italian on it. My Italian men (black knight and Giorgio) are teaching me Italian. Stefano gave me gatto translations. I have un gattino and gatta.
    La casa dei gatti.